Sunday, October 2, 2016

Patches Watch - The Best or the Worst Trend So Far?

Pinned or sewn; into shirts, jackets, jeans and even high-end bag brands were packed with patches (LVs got it!), some have just a few pieces on, some crowded and piled, they are indeed everywhere. You see them worn by kids, teens, and adults alike; in the market, shopping malls, concerts and even in the office; they just stand for 'cool.' 

Or is it? I remember my son commenting when I wore this white shirt with patches for church, "aren't you too old for that mom?" referring to moi shirt. The disadvantage of having a kid that's too honest. LOL. They keep you grounded. But then in a wink said, "just kidding mom, it's cool!" Whew, relieved! I actually take to heart every word that comes out of this kid's mouth. I know so well that he means it. He's just too candid and forthright. 

But then again, I can't help but wonder, are we too old to do this trend? Honestly I think age does not matter as long as you feel comfortable with what you're wearing. There is just more maturity when you're past the 'age of young' because you place more weight in how clothes are worn rather than in what you will wear. 
So, best or worst trend, it actually wouldn't make a f* difference. People would rock them anyway! Here's my trying hard take on how to look cool with the patched shirt. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Blue-Themed 2016

Our traditional annual family photoshoot to welcome the new year is a blue denim-themed one this time. Sharing with you a few of our best shots.... and then some...  

twinning with my one and only, in whites and blues 

us girls

      having a moment of extraordinary 'poignancy' and injecting some drama for a change! LOL

Happy new year to all!!!! Till next....