Sunday, November 15, 2015

Keeping Up with Kendall!

Keeping up with Kendall! My weekend peg is edgy chic Kendall Jenner. Whenever she wears a denim on denim outfit, she pulls it off to perfection. Doubling down on true blues can be tricky to pull-off but she always gets the moment. She makes it look too effortless, too easy and yet, gets the blast! So, whenever Jenner's on board, save me a seat. I need her look.

So, whatever Kendall Jenner could pull-off as a true style chameleon, we could also pull-off...errr.. whatever!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallows Eve

It's that time of year again. Used to be one of my favorite holidays, combining the irresistible attractions of dressing up in costume and gorging on candies my son collected during trick or treat. Yup, it used to be but not anymore. Luis started being disinterested in halloween costumes - may it be super heroes, scar-faced masks, zombies and grim reaper skeleton, etc. He's 11, I can't blame him. As we get older, we kinda sense and realize the deeper spiritual meaning that underlies the holiday. We remember our departed loved ones, honor their memories and share their stories.

Let me have a quick post before heading to the park to visit my lola and niece. Got no broomstick and spiderwebs on the background. It's just me 'guising' as the woman in the woods or the black lady in the woods this noon before the trick or treating, pumpkins and jack o' lanterns light up tonight. Yes, not much thought was placed here...haha! Forgive me, i'm rushing as usual. Here goes.... 

Look out in the woods tonight. The black lady is there and she's waiting for you..... :)