Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Last Few Days of Sweater Weather

When the weather gets cooler, bring those jackets out! Time to take advantage of the last few days of cool days and get those fashionable sweaters, blazers, cardigans, coats, or what have you, out. Days are limited yeah, but the kinds and styles of jackets available in the market are endless.... lightweights for this tropical cool weather is recommended.

There are, of course, striped or belted or patterned, colorful or tunic, boyfriend cardigans, shawl-collared, open, wrapped, zipped, and the classics. Whatever your type is, it's a staple item you must have in your closet.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Faded and Tattered

Jacket season happens several months. Summer dresses show up during the second quarter of the year. But on the street, its showtime for denim shorts 365 days in a year! Calling it a staple item in one's closet is actually an understatement.

My idea of a cool slouchy look - faded and tattered wash denim shorts paired with an equally classic and iconic denim shirt. Since I am flashing my legs today, I covered up with a long-sleeve top. It's just clean and pure comfort. You see, denim shorts are no longer reserved just for cotton tanks as it used to be. Now, they are paired with anything from printed to colored, sheer or layering, or something with the same or different texture. My love for denim inspired me to go all the way with it here.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's February and I'm in Love!

It's February once again ladies. Yup. We're on the 1st day of the love month. What are your plans for the season? Or should I say, what are his plans for you? Well, whatever it's gonna be, however you're celebrating it, enjoy the moment. The moment which should last beyond the love month. The celebration of love shall remain throughout the entire year, without regard to seasons! Oh yeah, speaking like a love guru here! LOL.

Can you tell that I am also in love? If you're following me (i'll be surprised if somebody says yes here LOL), you would have noticed that 2 of my previous posts were about leather (Bringing the 80s to the present AND It's cold enough for a biker jacket). Yes, I am in love with leather and I am currently in a relationship with this sleek, seductive and sublime faux leather pleated skirt that I am wearing today. Its texture simply gives delight to my total look. I just love its versatility which extends beyond a crop top, or a shirt tucked-in or a simple tee. Its shiny pvc is a total knockout too, like a consolation! Seriously, nothing can ever replace the bold fashion statement that leather skirt sends when we're wearing it. With that, I am totally in love.

Contrary to popular belief, leather skirt (pants or tops, for that matter) comes in virtually any color. However, something in black is easier to style as it can go well with almost all colors. So, what are you waiting for? Be in a relationship with it now! LOL.