Saturday, February 15, 2014

Remembering High School

How I put together a Sunday morning outfit with my lazy bones? I chose my most reliable animal print scarf as the central piece of my outfit, paired it with an equally reliable and most comfortable white tee, and a pair of camo cargo pants. With a cadet hat (i dig the star right on the center), a pair of aviators, and unlisted school shoes, what look did you think I got? A high school cadet ready to train! LOL!
The best part of dressing up if you're too lazy to do it is to stick to the basics but add a pinch of challenge. Don't focus on obvious matches at all times. Try stuff on at random. You'll be surprised to come across something unexpectedly cute and fresh... like a high school cadet look with an element of modernity. LOL!
Back then I remember not being able to join high school cadet training at all. You see, I belonged in a group called the "lucky ones" if you may call it that way, but only because we were excused not to train, having to train for volleyball instead during cadet hours. Yes, I was a varsity player and let me brag about that a little here. :-) Or should I say the "unlucky ones" because we missed the experience - with all those marchings, trainings, not to mention sun exposure (LOL), and of course, the outfit! Haha... (although I prefer the volleyball shorts back then) :-)
What about you? What is your memory of High School? Let me leave you now to reminisce as I am ready to march!