Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't Get Drowned in a Palazzo

Super wide-leg, loose and flowing... these are the Palazzo pants! Have they recently made a comeback? Well, if you have seen the likes of Ms. Liz Uy and Ms. Anne Curtis donning the Palazzo these days, then that's obviously the green light! A piece of advice however, do not wear something when the only reason for wearing it is that its popular and its trendy. Clothes should give you comfort and confidence first and foremost. 

Going back to Palazoo... Yes, they are back. Before you jump the gun and get so excited lol, take a bit of a halt and think, would a Palazzo disfavor my figure? Would I be drowned in a Palazzo? The answer to both is a resounding NO! Not only that Palazzo pants are extremely comfortable to wear, they are also very versatile. With the right styling, you will never go wrong it.

Today, I paired my Palazzo with a sleeveless top in the same shade to bring the focus of the entire outfit on the Palazzo. I made a knot in the front to cinch it and make my waist look smaller (oh yes, the works needed) lol. I added a hat for a cooler 'I just don't care' vibe.

H&M and Sunnies

Go and get a Palazzo! Till next...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Road Trip

When I asked my niece to give me an appropriate title for this post, she readily replied 'Biker Girl.' Errr.... where's the bike? I was brought here in a van for heaven's sake! LOL. Besides, I remember having had a post in the past about biker jackets (January 2015). So, whatever I know about these jackets, I bet you already know them, or probably you know more than I do. Oh heck (pardon my expression), biker jackets are no longer an exclusive menswear icon! Amen (pardon me again)!

I'm thinking... Road Trip! Road trip is it! Regardless of what the phrase invokes in addition to its literal meaning that is. Sans the bunch of kids with tons of drugs driving to an exotic destination, again, I was brought here in a van, and with a couple of kids (good kids), a couple of youngsters (one who brought with her in the trip her home work, the other, a headphone to indulge in his fave music that is dubstep), and 6 adults, including myself (all claiming to have developed some kind of an ideal level of maturity, haha), all aboard to visit farmland. Not Las Vegas or New Jersey. LOL.

So basically, road trip for this family is a long distance journey on the road with the ones who matter most! 

F21 biker jacket; Airwalk sneakers; Dorothy Perkins denim; Terranova shirt; cap bought from Dubai

What is your idea of a road trip?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

In a Man's Shirt

I was at H&M Men's Section doing my regular shopping when a sales rep approached me and asked, "what's the shirt size of your boyfriend ma'am?" Bluntly I said, "Oh i'm buying for myself!" He took off after giving me a questionable look.  

I mean seriously!? Who wouldn't want to wear a man's button down shirt in white (or in any color for that matter)!? I feel sexy when I wear one (oh frankly, it needs a bit of a pushing) LOL. I own quite a number of menswear pieces and these shirts have all been a consistent go-to outfit. 

Whenever I go into a store, I usually pay a visit to the men's section. It is where I score something unique for myself. I usually get pieces in large sizes not only because they are most comfy and look very stylish, but also, oversized shirts give an effortless cool vibe. And what do you think is the other big plus factor when shopping in men's section? There is no worry that you will look identical to the other girls! LOL.

Know by now that fashion at times is uncertain. And one's style should be unpredictable once in awhile. That's what makes a total look a head turner. Now, who wouldn't want that? 

H&M Men's shirt; H&M culottes; Forever21 sandals; Dorothy Perkins sunnies

So, the next time you're buying for a boyfriend, or for your hubby, your son or for dad, buy something for yourself from the men's section and change up your look a little!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Hat to Hide the Flaws

I'm riding the culottes bandwagon these days and loving it. Another pair, this time in white and longer in length. No more awkwardness I hope...oh well, not so much now. LOL.

This post actually is not about culottes anymore since I believe I have already talked much about it on my previous post. Now let's talk about hats.

The dressing landscape has evolved to include hats in one's daily wear. Unfortunately though, it's not happening soon in the Philippines. Not unless, you are in the entertainment industry. It's not so fair huh!?

Though hats cover the head, ironically, it opens ones character to the public. It could make for an effective or implausible impression. That is why it is proper to pick the best one that will be good for both your outfit and your personality. At times, the hat you wear reflects the mood you're in. So be very careful. Hat is a potent accessory that one wears to up his outfit but there are times when we wear hats because we want to hide our flaws. There you go! I gave it away! You guessed it right. I'm wearing a hat today to make up for a bad hair day. LOL.

There is really nothing to fear about wearing hats. Just be confident. 

Remember: wear something once and it’s novel, the second time it’s familiar, the third time it’s your signature. (borrowed)