Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me Time

I do not complain about not having a little “me time,” because I always have a me time. Such simple joys as glancing at my full-length mirror, seeing myself looking good (told you, this is my blog and I can say anything I want here!) and feeling my best - that alreay is an entire me time!
I am not claiming that motherhood is easy (because I'm pretty sure there'll be a great number of violent reactions if I do). But motherhood should never be used as an excuse to feel homely. Remember, it is a crime to lose oneself while becoming a mom. That is why, it is very important to once in awhile have your "me time."

Let me share with you what I do (to each his own :D) to hold on to my identity while also being the mom.

I do not need to hire a professional photographer. Whenever I feel like striking a pose, I hire the services of my ever cooperative son. And when he's into his own world playing his gadgets, my second go-to, the yaya. It doesn't necessarily need a fab outfit, (although sometimes I feel like going to the extremes and go all out with all the works) to create the realization of a personal dream and feel the moment of my me time. All I need to do is to sit down and relax!

Hongkong Revisited

The place where "East meets West" - Hong Kong. I revisited this beautiful country in 2009 (first one was in the 90s), this time bringing along my 4 year-old son, together with my two travel buddies.

As soon as my son learned to walk and balance, I already knew, it has to be Hong Kong Disneyland first before anywhere else.

more pics to come....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Kid's First Recital

Our parents brought music to our lives when we were young. We were taught how to play the piano and experienced joining recitals. The benefits of this learned skill carried on through adulthood. It's true what they say, as long as you know how to read musical notes, you can play any musical instrument you like. Not only did it become a hallmark of our childhood, it has also become an integral part of ourselves. Now that I am a parent, it's time to take responsibility to expose my 7 year old to music while he's young.

I say Luis' summer vacation has become productive because of the guitar lessons he's been having on weekends at the Yamaha School of Music . A Yamaha Summer Recital 2012 held at the Roofdeck of the Barrington Place capped the completion of his first module in classical guitar.

Luis is waiting to open the event as he leads the program invocation. (yes, he has brought his public speaking prowess outside the school.) :-D

Luis on Classical Guitar playing 'Andantino' by M. Carcassi

Luis here playing 'Are you Sleeping' with a partner.

The benefits of playing a musical instrument go beyond music. It's part of giving our kids a full quality education. After all, there is nothing more fun than watching them play their favorite instruments. Till the next recital...

Let your children enjoy and excel.