Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bringing the 80s to the Present

Love leather. I fell for this back zippered genuine leather skirt right that split sec i laid my eyes on it. 'Lakas maka 80's rockstar vibe sans the leather biker jacket. Definitely a no brainer! A basic 'tough' funky look with a feel of sexy. If you want vintage, then this one shall be on top list.

I paired the skirt with a top from a new fave store which i discovered a few months back called Jennyfer. Jennyfer is an international retail clothing brand from France. Jennyfer just recently joined the Philippine fashion bandwagon this year. (Isn't it nice that more international brands are coming to Manila?) The gold top is quite an attention grabber with its faux sequined fabric. I also love how i could fold the sleeves and play with its length. It easily fits right in with the cold season and perfect for the glam and glitz of the holiday. For a more luxe look, i wore a heeled low cut boots or ankle boots as some call it, to complete the look! With this, I am now ready to party!