Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our TWG Experience

I am not a connoisseur of food and drink. I am just a person who likes to eat and drink..., and eat and drink..., eat and drink. However, only a few toys with my taste buds and really makes a mark. This very cozy and classy place I chanced upon when I was in Singapore merits a two-thumbs up - The 1837 TWG Tea. A P600+ a teapot would give you your money's worth, and more. I would like to share this discovery with you and let you experience a piece of heaven. You be the judge.

Their tea tins, hand-blown glass, porcelain, stoneware and cast iron teapots - an effervescent assortment of intricate detailing and functionality. Very exquisite TWG Tea accessory. I want to have one when I take my own TWG tea at home.

The fame French macaroons which I failed to try in Paris, here tea-infused! Who would have thought...

Their tea is woven into every aspect of the meal - an unmistakable nuance that deliciously enhances each dish.

TWG Tea's collection is the largest in the world. Their selection is always of the very highest quality. You will be an instant convert as a modern tea drinker once you have sipped your first.

The TWG Tea executive patisserie chef and his team create these patisseries as ethereal desires – gastronomic images that are as delicious as they are fleeting, to bring you back, time and again, to the tea table and nostalgia of moments past.

This, to say the least, will be one very unforgettable expedition of discovery... and I go on to sip my next cup...

(TWG Tea has branches in Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, UAE, UK, and USA. Soon opening in Greenbelt 5!) Thanks to Wendy Mak, Takashimaya Branch Manager, and to Roy Mendoza for introducing me to the world of TWG Tea.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Time is Sweeter in Singapore

It was definitely sweeter the second time around. No, it wasn't love that i'm talking about here. =) Rather, our second visit to this highly urbanized country Singapore. Well, it was sweeter for us because at least, we weren't sick then. I remember my son and I strolling around Universal Studios with colds and fever the first time we had our vacation here. My mom even had to place a white cloth on me the whole time to protect my back. Luis had to take meds every four hours. We didn't have much of the energy needed to explore the whole of Resorts World Sentosa.

Dining even didn't bring thrill to us. Considering that the diversity of food in Singapore is touted as a reason to visit the country. Shopping too, didn't do its usual wonder to delight. Not even the magic of the Singapore Flyer lifted our spirits that time.

Needless to say, the pictures during the first visit weren't worthy to be posted for sharing. Not so much because I care about how I looked though, but rather, i believed it didn't give the beauty of Singapore any justice.

And so to make it up to you Singapore, I took a lot of pictures during our second visit and dubbed them Second Time is Sweeter in Singapore.

Now how about a third time? ...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Luis turns 8!

Time flies so fast especially when you're having a blast! I can't believe Luis has turned 8 today! Oh yeah, oh yeah, like I don't hear the buzz. I am getting old but who cares?! All I know is that I get my second wind each time I stare at him. Those chubby cheeks - I just want to pinch it everytime. Those little tiny slit eyes - which do not need to open wider to understand things. His double chin - I call chinny chin chins. Those pinkish thin lips - where the sweetest sounds are heard from. Of course, the big tummy - it makes one fine pillow when I sleep, so soft and fluffy (can't you tell?) :)

To this young man who drives me and my life crazy...I love you so dearly baby. If today, you are celebrating your 8th birthday. I too am celebrating the best 8 years of my life. A hundred more years to you baby and a hundred more years for me to celebrate.

7 days to go till I spill the beans and finally get your birthday surprise! ;-)