Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fashionably Distressed

I'm totally digging this pair of light distressed jeans. Distressed, destroyed or ripped jeans have actually been around for quite some time already but are now back in the limelight. While distressed refers to things intentionally unkempt and unglamourized, distressed jeans do not mean it can't lend itself to a polished look. Not to the fashion conscious! Not to us, right? LOL
While distressed is fashion with a worn out rugged look, one could still manage to look uber-chic when a subtly ripped jeans is paired with a crisp white oversized (or not) blazer, a sheer white top, and a pair of white stilettos. 
You may want to work your creativity and wild imagination and pair your ripped jeans instead with a silky top or a sporty crop top, a sexy black pumps or a classic converse, a chained bag for a more feminine look or a rugged back pack, hair may be up or down, and of course, lashings of attitude :)

Distressed jeans are indeed a welcome return. No need to buy those expensive ones now on window displays at the moment. Your old pair of jeans (skinny or not) could be just the one you need. Create your own DIY ripped jeans based on your personal choice. You may decide on the extent of the “rips”. There are those which are savagely ripped, that is, if you want to put much (your legs out) on display. Some, not as much or just subtly, getting the same look and still managing to put her best foot forward. 
Mango jeans, blazer and shirt; Janeo shoes

Get the picture of effortless cool... so edgy... the very now... the skinny distressed jeans... get it while it lasts. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Like ABCs and 123s

Do you remember your ABCs and 123s in primary school? Of course, you do! They form and relate to the most important part of everything. These are the fundamentals, essentials, and foundation of a subject, right? Just like the food pyramid, if you apply its principles to what you put in your closet and load up on your basics, you will have a well-balanced wardrobe. Thus, making getting dressed easy or without wailing. LOL.

Exactly like this outfit... the most essential chambray / denim shirt (whatever you feel like calling it since it's only when you flip the fabric and take a look at the underside that you will actually know the difference), and the most versatile pair of white well-fitted jeans.

A chambray / denim top just like this one, thinking of it as a neutral, which it basically is, certainly would be good paired with anything under the sun, from a pair of pants, to a pair of shorts and even a skirt. It could also be your swimsuit cover-up! It could be styled in so many different ways. However you want to wear it, tucked it in or untucked, self-tie it, tone down a blazer with it, use it as a cardigan over a dress, or with a leopard scarf, its gonna be a super cute look without the effort.

Needless to say, whatever you pair your white jeans with will definitely make you look a-ok! A top in any color will look amazing with white jeans. To keep it from being too bland, add bold accessories. Whatever your creative mind could think of, you will surely win a thumbs up match made in heaven.

If you need to satisfy and streamline your daily dressing requirements, invest in these fashion basics and you’ll never be at a loss for what to wear whenever the occasion calls for something special. With these wardrobe essentials on hand, you’ll always know what to reach for.