Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hulk Beats the Sun

If there is a summer shirt trend, it's the muscle tee. It's loose and baggy and perfectly exudes that “I don’t give a damn” cool vibe, just like my incredible hulk shirt which I wore during a family weekend get-away at Fontana Resort & Casino. 

I love this shirt not because I want to explode and rip my shirt off like The Hulk. But I just feel a positive dynamic sentiment that girls rule the world, and that we are more incredible than men! Haha... I'm confident that I don't have male readers so ...  =)

Apart from the shirt design being fun and young, personally during this shoot, I feel fierce and fearsome with a strength of Incredible Hulk!  =)

Forever 21 shirt, shorts & belt; A'postrophe flats; Balenciaga bag; Ice watch; SM accessories ring and bangles; Chemistry necklace

Save the day (and save the world) with a superhero muscle tee. =)

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Fancy Pants

I decided to come out of the box today and showed up in something other than the usual plain trousers. Instead, I wore this fancy printed pants from Forever 21. I paired the pants with a plain top in solid color, since the pants already have a lot going on. I do not want to overdo it. Do you?

If it's gonna be a busy day in the office and you need to dash out for client calls, but didn’t want to look drab but also didn’t want to put too much effort into an outfit, throw on your printed pants. For that fabulous chic look, you might want to work with heels. Heels can be a lifesaver when you want to wear your printed pants. Here, high-heeled shoes added a work-outfit vibe to the whole ensemble.  

The final touch is a simple gold bling neck accessory and voila! it brought the outfit together. Using busy or very loud accessories will only complicate the outfit, unless you want to end up looking like some alien in a space suit! :)

Printed pants aren’t the easiest of outfits to pull off. But even if they look tacky and sloppy at times, and quite intimidating, we can wear printed pants and have the chic, risk-taking fashionista look.

There you go! Hope you like it =)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Left the Back Open

The safest and classiest combination there is - black and white. This loose shirt, paired here with a classic white shorts, got a quick nod from me when I saw it. And because my outfit was basically basic, instead of all black and white accessories, I added hints of gold ones too to add playful tone and more sophistication. =)
top and neckpiece from Forever 21
shorts from Forever 21; watch & bangles from Call It Spring; rings from SM accessories
wedge from Forever 21

Classy dressing is what defines black and white. No matter what you choose - polo and shorts in this case- these two shades will instantly make you look put together. I also love how my top came with a sexy back cut.
Prada bag

Hope you like my post. =) And by the way, happy mother's day to all moms! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sheen, Shine and Peplum!

Peplum was and has been the in thing last year. But is it an unbeatable wardrobe must-have? In my opinion, YES. The beauty of it is that it can be worn to anywhere! Movies, office, social events! Its perfect for any outing or formal event where you want to look extra special and stylish. Here the peplum was worn as an office outfit.

The waist clinching ruffle is for all and its definitely unwise to hold back from its beauty as it has an awesome way of adding an edgy, ultra feminine and flirty beauty to your look.

Wearing a peplum design won't make you look thin but instead helps accentuate your waist-to-hip curves at the same time creating flattering body beauty for most curves (use your imagination here :).

For those who want to add a perfect ladylike flair to their ensembles, this is definitely a must try! It is advisable though that the peplum clings right to your body as this helps give the hourglass vibe and look. (oh please help yourself and ponder :).

skirt & neckpiece - Forever21; top - Mango; shoes - The Ramp Shangrila; SM accessories

The sheen and shine hue of the skirt (although not shown clearly here) combined with the equally sheen and shine hue of the top make for an eye-catching look that goes beyond the basics.

Peplum now!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Blues Solved by a Little Black Dress

Monday is a particularly moody day for me. I am always a bit down when returning to work. Not that I hate what I'm doing (but do I like it? =), I just thought it's natural especially after a fun and rested weekend. Oh I know you feel the same way. Lol.

So when I feel too lazy to put some effort into my look (happens mostly on Mondays), and I feel at a loss for what to wear (happens most of the time), and still want to keep it safe, I wear my LBD. It's simplicity exudes sophistication and who doesn't want that?

Touted as the must-have clothing item for women - the faithful and iconic LBD. A little black dress is something we can't live without. It's perfect for day or night, and almost every occasion. It's stylish. It's classic. It's incredibly versatile. And most of all, it’s a great concealer! If I have 'areas I’d like to camouflage' (oh I have a lot), then the LBD is my go-to outfit.

Most LBDs do not need styling since it's classy on its own, particularly this one from Forever 21. I love the length and it's white details took it to the next level and actually eliminated the need for a pearl necklace.

And because of the simplicity of this dress, the face becomes the center of attention, and so OMG! Little did I know that! :)

Since little black dresses could basically stand on their own, a few bangles would have to do. 

I'm glad to have found this pair of shoes from Forever 21 and they have white details too! Isn't it cute that it perfectly matches my little black dress?

So there! Fight the ill effects of Monday blues and trust the little black dress. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Luis Starts to Write - "All About My Life"

Here's Luis' 3rd (unedited) blog post. You will see omission of some letters though. You will understand why.

All About My Life

First, I want to talk about myself. My hobbies are eating, watching tv, chatting with my friends, and play gadgets. 
Sometimes, I am an annoying orange to my friends. 
My favorite food is spareribs. It tastes so good! I would recommend it to others. Try it!
My family and friends say that I am a smartypants. But my gaming skills are over 900 gazillions. A nerd and a geek are adjectives that describe me very well. 
Now, I am going to talk about my family, friends, loved ones, enemies, and my cousins.
My mom is a loving and caring mother. Everyday, my mom and I study at the 3rd floor of my house even though it's very late. 
She also gives me my vitamins everyday and prepares my milk every night before I sleep.
My grandfather is the head of the family. Even though he's strict, he still brings me to school every day. My grandmother is really loving. Before, she used to call me 'abutongtong'. But now, I seldom hear her call me that. Maybe because I have grown big for it already. The best adjective I could use to describe her is that she is really loving.
Tita Gi, is someone very kind and she's the friendliest of all. She's very different from her husband, Tito Jocas. But something strange happened. Tito Jocas became better, kinder and friendlier. Next is Papa Man and Tata. They used to live with us but now they don't anymore. I miss them and I want them to be around all the time.
One of my friends is Miguel. He's a nerd and a geek just like me. We both have the same likes. Next is Renz, Even though he's sensitive most of the times, he's still a good friend. We also play this game called "Total War" which the both of us invented on our drawing books. We also love chatting with each other about a lot of different stuff. One of my enemies is J____. Before we were good friends, and he was even in my "Total War" Group (or club) before! But now, he always annoys me. He tells me to the GLC even if I only did a minor thing or nothing at all! Next is L____ and T_____. They keep shouting at me but of course, I always fight back. 
Ate Aly and Ate Sofi are two of my cousins. I'm jealous of their friendship. Next, Cheska is my second favorite cousin. We spend most of the time playing. And lastly, Joachim who is my favorite cousin. Even though he's only 3, we always wrestle each other. Hardcore! I almost forgot Rafa, the youngest in the family. Obviously I can't play with her yet because she's still young and I might hurt her.
That's all I have to say. I love my life!

Till his next...