Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bow Blouses

Tops with ribbons or the bow blouses have recently been conspicuous in almost all window displays in fashion stores. Yes, it's ladylike and so feminine, that when teamed neatly with a standard jeans or a wide-leg trouser, midi-pleated pencil skirts, and here, with a plain and simple pair of shorts, automatically gives a flamboyant vibe. This rendition is very light and shall I say, alluring. So, embrace a dose of femininity now, grab a piece of this bow blouse before they run out. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

An Angel in Disguise

Transcending mere trend, camouflage prints have become non-exclusive menswear. In fact, most fashionistas consider them as wardrobe staple. It's actually its military masculine vibe which attracts women to wear them. Noticeably, it has become like a persistently recurring motif on high streets. Depending on how a camo clothing is worn, it's undeniable appeal will earn you a gesture of respect.

If you decide to challenge yourself into a more daring territory, get the classic green and brown so you could easily work into a wide range of looks. You may want to begin with a piece of camo scarf well styled around your neck with a plain tee and ripped jeans. Work your way into pieces like shirts, pants and even jackets for a bolder look. It helps to know that the camo's 'neutral' hue makes it easier to wear since it provides a wider picture of choices to pair with. Saving a few pieces wouldn't hurt.

F21 camo shirt; H&M low-rider shorts; F21 beanie; Adidas eyewear; Prada wedge
Now you're ready for the action! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Keeping Up with Kendall!

Keeping up with Kendall! My weekend peg is edgy chic Kendall Jenner. Whenever she wears a denim on denim outfit, she pulls it off to perfection. Doubling down on true blues can be tricky to pull-off but she always gets the moment. She makes it look too effortless, too easy and yet, gets the blast! So, whenever Jenner's on board, save me a seat. I need her look.

So, whatever Kendall Jenner could pull-off as a true style chameleon, we could also pull-off...errr.. whatever!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallows Eve

It's that time of year again. Used to be one of my favorite holidays, combining the irresistible attractions of dressing up in costume and gorging on candies my son collected during trick or treat. Yup, it used to be but not anymore. Luis started being disinterested in halloween costumes - may it be super heroes, scar-faced masks, zombies and grim reaper skeleton, etc. He's 11, I can't blame him. As we get older, we kinda sense and realize the deeper spiritual meaning that underlies the holiday. We remember our departed loved ones, honor their memories and share their stories.

Let me have a quick post before heading to the park to visit my lola and niece. Got no broomstick and spiderwebs on the background. It's just me 'guising' as the woman in the woods or the black lady in the woods this noon before the trick or treating, pumpkins and jack o' lanterns light up tonight. Yes, not much thought was placed here...haha! Forgive me, i'm rushing as usual. Here goes.... 

Look out in the woods tonight. The black lady is there and she's waiting for you..... :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

In the Military

When you feel like having an edgy look, then I advise you to try the military fashion trend. All you need is a military-style jacket, camouflage cap and an ankle-length boots, and you're ready to defend your island. Oh yes! It's not at all complex. No need to go full force in head-to-toe camo, unless you want people saluting a military superior in your person. You may report for duty in a minimalistic approach to military. Opt for either an army green, neutral color palette or the composite brown.

I love the soft fabric material of my military inspired coat. This one makes me move freely and therefore, doesn't create restraints at all unlike most military jackets, which are mostly fitted and structured. Its color too perfectly matches my wedged boots. Since I'm wearing shorts exposing my legs, wedges tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, more slender legs.

Never overdo. Never overthink. Just take it easy when you decide to go for the military look, so it wont signal that you’re supporting a conflict or opposition...haha. The consumption of these styles should have more to do with your desire to level up your style or follow the trend than a wish to express patriotism. A power look is the only message you should be sending when you wear your personal take on the military uniform.

H&M coat; Prada boots

A little intimidation wouldn't hurt... so, stand up, own it, inspire and run the world!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

On Neutral Ground

I blended in well with the backdrop didn't I? Or probably would blend well wherever I go. Yup, it's an earth-tone kind of a day today as I woke up seemingly flying under the radar and didn't feel like I wanted to be on the limelight today (yeah, if). If you're with me then this is the perfect time to wear clothing in quiet shades like brown, green, champagnes, tans and other muted colors. I like that these shades also complement our asian skin tone.

Since we have, I guess, the most unpredictable weather, leaving the house ready with both the sun and the rain is the smartest thing. This hooded jacket in light material, soft lining, with just the right length will keep me warm and surely protect me from the rain. And nothing is more appropriate to wear when the sun is up than a pair of shorts and a cool shades.     

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I'm a Laundry Girl

How do you rock your scarf? The title of this post emanated from the vibe this adorable boho scarf gives off. A scarf is usually worn on the head this way by one who has a handful of house work to be done. It gives a connotation that she is seriously busy with the task at hand and therefore, should not be bothered. LOL. A scarf worn this way also serves to keep the sweat out of one's face and eyes - fashion sanitation ladies! 

There are actually a lot of different ways to tie a scarf in your hair. Here, I tied the ends of my scarf securely into a bow and brought the bow out in front and on top of my head for an extra chic look. 

My love for denim shorts has never failed me especially when the task at hand requires an undisturbed legwork. My choice for a top was this long back soft cotton which added drama to an otherwise basic top. If you opt to wear short shorts, carefully consider the length of your top to pair it with. A long back tops are recommended since they also provide some degree of protection from creeping toms trying to catch a glimpse of our ladyzones.   

Scarf, top and heels from Forever21; denim shorts from H&M

Now I'm ready to accept your laundry! :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't Get Drowned in a Palazzo

Super wide-leg, loose and flowing... these are the Palazzo pants! Have they recently made a comeback? Well, if you have seen the likes of Ms. Liz Uy and Ms. Anne Curtis donning the Palazzo these days, then that's obviously the green light! A piece of advice however, do not wear something when the only reason for wearing it is that its popular and its trendy. Clothes should give you comfort and confidence first and foremost. 

Going back to Palazoo... Yes, they are back. Before you jump the gun and get so excited lol, take a bit of a halt and think, would a Palazzo disfavor my figure? Would I be drowned in a Palazzo? The answer to both is a resounding NO! Not only that Palazzo pants are extremely comfortable to wear, they are also very versatile. With the right styling, you will never go wrong it.

Today, I paired my Palazzo with a sleeveless top in the same shade to bring the focus of the entire outfit on the Palazzo. I made a knot in the front to cinch it and make my waist look smaller (oh yes, the works needed) lol. I added a hat for a cooler 'I just don't care' vibe.

H&M and Sunnies

Go and get a Palazzo! Till next...