Saturday, September 28, 2013

Luis' Bestfriend is a Priest

These pictures of my baby and his best buddy- Father Ambo were taken 3 months ago. Fr. Ambo is a long time family friend. He visits us once in awhile and sees to it that everytime he does, he spends time with Luis. Notice Luis' smile on the following pics, you could tell how happy he is seeing his best friend Fr. Ambo.

Friday, September 13, 2013

gold and silver

I seldom go out and party now. Don't get me wrong though. I love to get myself glammed up once in awhile and get out there! I dont mind the loud music too, nor scared to load up on alcohol once in awhile (bec tea is what i get usually) LOL! Neither do I fear the complex effect of secondhand smoking (bec I spell SMOKERS BACK-OFF! when i'm out) LOL! Just that I feel that i'm way pass the partying age. For me it bacame pathetic already (hashtag oldmaid). LOL!

Anyways, enough dwelling on the topic of age. In reality, this is the topic I fear most. LOL! Here's a post I kinda 'just created' but never really happened (if you know what I mean). I suggest going for a combination of gold and silver outfit when you party. If you feel it's too much, dress it down with a black pair of shorts like this one. This way you don't need to peel off anything for a big reveal on the dance floor. Take it away! LOL!

Gold sequined top and black pair of shorts with gold details by Zara; shoes by BCBG; silver accessories by Forever21

Let me try this one more time.... :-)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Out of the cage!

Having said that I will surround myself with more animal print goodness this year, here goes, another animal inspired item - a leopard print cardigan. Look how it made my simple outfit more interesting in an instant.
Animal prints are mostly on neutral colors (but you could find those neon versions of the trend as well). If you want to get noticed, without being too flashy, animal print in neutral tone might be just the thing for you. 
        cardigan - Zara; skirt - Forever 21; yellow top - bazaar find; shoes - Primadonna; bangle and ring - SM accessories;  Casio vintage - Watch Factory Online
So, that's it! I'm leaving you with a growling sound now :)