Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kite Flying Day!

January 18, 2014. Kite Flying Day! It's an annual event and higly anticipated. We were in full force, I mean, almost. My mom had to be left behind in the farm to entertain guests. Yeah, such bad timing indeed. Anyway, she was like there in spirit. Papsie texts and calls her every so often to update her of what's going on. She wishes Luis good luck the night before. Well, Luis needed that. We all needed that. Why is it so hard to fly a kite anyway?

Okay here, Luis gets kite flying 101 from Papa Man. Looks like a serious business for them huh!
My sister-in-law looking like a pro! As they say, if you can't fly it, atleast you try to look like u can!
Joachim trying to fly a kite which is bigger than him! Goodluck little boy.
Papa Man wants a profile pic shot. I wander if this is good enough?
Luis with his friends who, just like him, have also given up flying just after a few tries. I can't blame them.
I got a nice shot of Papsie and Sofi here huh!
Aly and Sofi trying their shot in shooting. Hey, we're here to fly kites aren't we?
Papsie and Tito Jocas showing everyone the proper way! They say if you're 'promdi', you must be good at this. LOL!

We are not good at flying kites (except for Papsie, Papa Man and Tito Jocas), but we're good at having our pictures taken :)
The boys are back to work! :)
The little pretty girl joined the event. Here she's playing with Papsie.
Luis and friends settled for frisbee instead... haha!
Little Rafa enjoying the field with her boots!
While everyone's just starting to fly their kites, Papa Man already looks exhausted :)
I'm glad Luis took a break from playing frisbee. Unfortunately, my hair took a break from looking glamorous! LOL!
If you're having fun, it's hard to have everyone gather together to have a complete family picture. Here, we cant get Gi, Rafa and Luis to join us.
See all those colorful and unique looking kites? Those aren't ours! Haha...
This isn't a head exercise drill. It's catching everyone looking up to see those kites. What's funny about it, I noticed, was the eagle kite on the ground. Are you following me? LOL!
A closer look at our funny family! :)
More frisbee ....
While Papsie seems to be enjoying so much, Tito Jocas is in serious work, and Papa Man takes it easy.
Papa Man looks like spiderman here pulling a string out of his hand. You need to be a superhero to be able to fly a kite! :)
And the eagle kite is down again :(
The smiley-faced kite is smiling back at us! :)
The event ended with a superb and awesome fireworks display!
What an awesome kite-flying day! Our spirits are soaring high as we head back to home base! We  missed you mommy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

It's a Denim Day!

It's a denim day for Luis and myself!

When it comes to being chic and trying (so hard lol!) to live fashionably, denim polo outfit must come as a staple. Not only that they never go out of style, but they always look fresh and new. Those lightweight denims are good during summer and the serious ones are perfect for winter! No confusion there :-)

Anyway, although this post here is a 'denim on denim' outfit, I won't dwell further on the topic since I already have discussed this on my previous post (pls check-out 'denim on denim'). This post today is actually about wearing coordinated outfit with my son. Although it sounds challenging (especially when you have a boy), it's also fun at the same time. And it makes me feel good every time I wear something which matches that of Luis. So cool! LOL! Well, allow me to enjoy the moment while it lasts. Sooner or later, Luis would come to me and tell me to stop embarrassing him anymore :-)

On Luis: Forever21 Men shirt, thrifted jeans, Dexter shoes; On me: Forever21 Men shirt, Levi's jeans, Christian Siriano heels, MK watch
Googled a few tips on how to coordinate your outfits which I would like to share with you. Here goes: 1) work with a not too colorful or patterned top 2) Pick the main color from the top 3) select something to layer or pair it with using your chosen color 4) chose some cool jeans or pants and a pair of shoes that go with the style of your outfit 5) try it with different accessories (for you; not for your son :) More tips: layering when your look is too plain, try bright colors once in awhile, spice up a neutral color with just a splash of color, black would go with everything and is an essential wardrobe staple and so are denim jeans :)

Make time and exert a little effort for that twosome gorgeous look! :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Celebrating the 1st Day of 2014!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! As we celebrate the 1st day of 2014, let us give thanks to our Papa Jesus for all the blessings He gave us in 2013. It may not have been a total bliss for me in 2013, but at the close of the year, let me just say that I have received the best Christmas gift one could be given, and for that I am beyond thankful!

Every year, during the 1st day of the new year, our family sits down for a not-so-formal photo shoot. And each year, we choose a color motif to signify our family harmony and unity.  This time around, we decided to go pink! 

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2014!