Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Story of Our Summer

Building family memories has been a tradition to us. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything expensive or complicated, but it should always be fun and memorable. Just like our family's annual summer vacation this year, we decided to drive up North to Bakasyunan Resort in Iba, Zambales. According to my brother, the place is 375 kms away from where we live. Good thing the kids do not mind long drives. In fact, they love it so much. The farther the car trips, the better for them. They also look forward to stop-overs and the games we come up with while in the car. This year was a "name the commercial" and "name the movie" guessing game. It was so much fun! Let me share with you the story of our wonderful adventure and merry making this summer through the following pictures...

Get started with your own story and keep your family memories alive! Enjoy the rest of summer!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What I Did This Summer

Given that we only have two seasons, it's not surprising how Filipinos look forward to the summer months with excitement. You see all those colorful swimwears in window displays, stunning semi naked bodies in cover photos of glossy mags, gyms getting populated with beautiful people, dresses in summer hues that would not escape our notice, etc. Everything and everyone seems to be summer drawn.

Now my question is, are you one of them? Are you likewise as excited and looking forward to the sexy season? Or are you with me sulking because we do not have a perfectly sculpted body to show off? LOL. 

Probably the best summer armour I could give - confidence! Don't resent! Rather, be clothed with confidence. Believe that confidence will take you anywhere you want to go. LOL. Remember, no matter what, summer should be fun and interesting. 

So here goes.... my own display of confidence at its highest level. Sabi nga nila, walang basagan ng trip!!! LOL.