Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Monthsary!

It's been exactly a month today since I got operated on so happy monthsary to me!!! No seriously, I got the scare of my life when I learned that I needed to undergo surgery asap. Dreaded thoughts such as having unsuccessful procedure, post-op complications, scalpel left accidentally in my inside, anaesthesia overdose, and other stuff. I am not ready to leave, so I told myself. Luis is just 9! I guess I wouldn't be ready even if he's 90!

Anyway, I needed to see my surgeon two weeks after for a post-op check-up. Although to me it's more than post-op check-up. What I was so anxious about was to know if I could get back living a normal life again which, simply means eating what I used to enjoy eating no matter how unhealthy and go back to exercising and my regular physical activity. Oh don't get me wrong. I am not a gym person nor too conscious about weight gains and stuff. My physical activities could be summed up to climbing the stairs at home because my room is on the 2nd floor, carry my own bags when I go to work which is too heavy for some (papsie carried my bag and drives me to and from work for 3 straight weeks by the way - the perks, lol), a little stretching when I wake up in the morning, and a 10-minute pre-bath exercise at night. That's about it. Pretty bad huh! As I expected, it was a big 'no' from my surgeon, at least not in six weeks!  

OK let's get on with my look here. It's not much, to be honest. I just wanted to be back because I badly missed doing this. What to expect after having the surgery just 4 weeks ago and a month of sedentary life? You guessed it right! It's pretty hard to look 'ok'. That is why I was so happy to find this relax fitting summer dress. Not only that I got it on sale, but more so because the dress hides what needs to be hidden (although still not perfectly) lol. The length and color I so love also, and the print - so summery.

This is it for now. Exercise and stay healthy!