Sunday, November 30, 2014

Channeling the 60s

Not that I was born in the 60s...just that I have always been inspired by the design of the 60s. I have always wanted the clothes back then. Fashion in the 1960s were mainly daring and bare. Who wouldn't fall in love with the unbelievably super short length of those Twiggy dresses. Fumbled with a few of mom's sepia pic during her prime and believe me, those dresses she wore were just to die for. Awesomely rebellious. LOL.

I was fortunate to score this Twiggy inspired baby collared dress (although not as short as that of mom's), well complemented with this pair of subtly styled black boots with a punk rock vibe. Girlishness with angst! Just the coolest!

Are you inspired by the 60s?