Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Which school is best for your child

It's been a month since my son started with school break. I feel so relaxed and unstressed. I know most parents who are hands-on with their kids could relate to this. Even if our professional work goes on, kid's summer break somehow sends a different kind of high which we always welcome.

I remember the big adjustment my son had to make the previous year since he's new in this school. Earlier wake up call since its farther than his previous school, stricter rules, bigger number of students in each class, longer homework, tougher competition, etc. It was difficult.

My son would tell me how he would like to go back to his old school and how he hates this present one. How he misses his friends there and teachers, and that corner in the open gym area where they would usually gather for an after class playtime. He even tells me how cruel some people are in this new school, and that people from his old school are more friendly. I tell you, as a parent, when you hear such comment from your kids, it would certainly make you think things over, a hundred times and more actually - whether you made the right decision or not. It becomes the central focus of interest to you. You get affected big time. (After learning about his thoughts, the more that I appreciated my son's high achievements. His 1st honor status he maintained all throughout the school year inspite of.) It's remarkable! He is remarkable!

Going back... I mean seriously, which school is actually the best for our child? Is it the school that is most popular? Is it the school which we think will add pride and honor to their names? The school which sits on top among its biggest rivals? Schools which are expensive? Elitist they say? Or on the other hand- the school less popular and less expensive and yet high performing? academic-wise, offers the same high level curriculum.

Certainly, we cannot make our decisions lightly on this one. We have to study it out, look at alternatives, then be open to switch if needed. In the end, it is our job as a mother to get the best education for our kids. Consider the one who offers more courses, after-school activities, with friendly people, safest environment, the one that would bring our kids closer to Him, the school that would meet my son’s needs and make him happy.

I do agree, that a mother has to do what she thinks is best for her child and what her child needs. A mother would do whatever it takes to get her child his best education. But, his happiness has to be considered of greatest importance. After all, happiness is treasure. And my son is my treasure.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Summer Brights

Something that has really caught my attention this summer - bright colors! Offering my two cents worth on the subject matter which is the summer trend. It's actually not a new trend I believe, but it's definitely back with a bang. Try to combine a bold and energetic colors together. It will definitely make an interesting pop out ensemble.

No fear here as I brought my color block outfit in the workplace. I may not be on the beach enjoying, but I feel the summer spirit as I work. How cool is that?

Stay away from boring colors like muted warm shades as much as possible. Here enjoying my coffee with a nice read, in cheerful bright colors, as I wait for my son finish his guitar lesson.

Once in awhile I do this - get caught up with myself while I wait for the rain to stop.

There you go! As you enjoy the season with your kids, shine with summer brights.