Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Harem in Deep Sapphire

My 'trying hard' take on something high-waisted with Keaka pants, or this season's harem pants as some may call it. With front pleats, banded waist and good lord pockets! I always loved something with pockets. 

Pretty color blocking here too. Yes, yellow always complements the color blue.  If you find it difficult to decide which color goes with which, then pair complementary colors together. Yellow and blue put together is one of the safest and most basic color combination there is.

If you're a bit hesitant to wear bright colors, keep your shoes either on the neutral, or in the same color as your trousers like this one.

It wasn't easy to find a top which will complement my keaka pants and my waist, and my tummy =) until I got this leopard print top. I liked that it added contrast to the whole look. It somehow became the focus of the outfit too. 

Blazer and trousers from Folio; Leopard top from Zara; shoes from Primadonna


So there! Let the high-waisted trousers find their way into your closet too. And it wouldn't hurt to brave and embrace the look.  At least now you know that even if you're not a model or looking like a model, you could also pull it off pretty well. I hope I did. :(

Monday, February 18, 2013

Techie Luis. Is it too much?

(another backlog post)

My son is growing up in a very different world than I do. For the past Christmases, his wishes revolved around gadgets, and more of it! He has asked for DS Lite, Iphone, PSP, Samsung Tablet, Galaxy Note, and just recently, XBox! Naturally, as what a loving mom would do (or not) ... give in.

I couldn’t help but feel a flashback to my own childhood when I would ask my mom for scented stationery, a handbag, or a pink dress. Was I just being a girl? Or did I actually come from the past era? While I was reveling in this cycle-of-life moment, Luis tapped my shoulder and yelled, “Yay, kinect sports!" Say what?!

The truth is my 8-year-old son knows words and concepts that I never knew in my childhood. GTA, Soul Calibur, Minecraft, cheats, tethering, and the list goes on... When he wants music, he watches You Tube. When he wants to talk to me, he would text me rather than call me. When he's being sweet, he includes smiley and other emoticons in his messages. He calls his lolo using the iphone even if we have a land line. And when I tried to gift him a book to read, he looked at me like I just pulled a joke on him.

C'mon! Is there something wrong with me? Should I slap a loser label on my forehead? Or is he getting too much techie?

If I hear my kid talk a 'foreign language' more often than not, then that means he's growing up in a totally different world... (Times have changed. Forget my childhood.) That's one sign that he's getting too much of it. While it is good to be tech savvy, it is also important that we assess what role does technology play in our kids’ lives? It wouldn't hurt if we regulate and still be in full control of the whole situation. Set limits and be consistent with the rules. Don't break the rule yourself, rather, set a good example. (Facebook time = 1 hour/day, max! or when he's asleep =)

Of course, it's always better if they learn to do the things we used to do during our childhood days like walking the dog, setting the table, taking care of pets, and so on and so forth. =) {dream}

Monday, February 11, 2013

Green Shoes

I have already rounded up "Gone Green" in my November post, and "Green On Me" in my December post. And now for this month, "Green Shoes." Yes, I can't deny my love for green. I love green in whatever shade or hue. I was actually surprised to have come across an article about the color green being the new black this 2013. So now I know, I'm on the right track. I have a gallery of wardrobe pieces and accessories inspired by this year's "it" hue. And my latest, green shoes!

Subtle details in this lush tone will give life to any outfit like the neutral colors of this reversible top and cropped pants from Folio. You can just pile on a bright green necklace for that chic look. Cuff, bangles, belts, or even sunglasses would be a good go-to as well. I'm thinking of a green nail lacquer soon! What do you say?

I know green isn't exactly the easiest shade to wear but if you pull it off alright, the look doesn't fall short of being fab. If you are a bit hesitant to wear green, I suggest you start off with accessories. 

Cropped pants take style to great heights with casual comfort that exudes sophistication. Isn't it nice how its length made my shoes stand out the more?

The moment I spotted this pair, I grabbed them right away! And do you know what reminded me of them? My childhood when I used to play dress up game with my barbie dolls :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I Gave Up a Celine Mini Luggage Bag

That suede multicolor Celine mini luggage bag i've been wanting to have will have to take a backseat, at least for now. Come to think of it, my recent purchases and expenses would have bought me my dream bag. And then some.

Who wouldn't love this snow leopard print Canadian bed linen?

What about these vintage luggages from Dimensione? Stylish storage boxes aren't they?

Oh yes! I got beaten by the craze too. :)

I particularly love the luggage on the left.  You could put a lot of stuff in it.

These cuties are now resting atop my shoe closet. Loved how it added a bit more attitude to it.

The price tag of this Fila rubber shoes sucks even if I got them on sale!

Red bench type seater from Our Home. Modern and girly. Perfect for the living room and this girly :)

This black floor lamp from Illuminati was calling my name. It lights up when touched. Just the way I like it ... aha aha :)

Nothing comes cheap nowadays. Not even this blue sleeping bag.

Do you remember my accessory organizer?  It's my first purchase for 2013.

And my dream shoe closet which I didn't expect to have spent so much on.

So there you go. What do you think? Did I make the right decision to foregoe a Celine bag for these? Well, I think I do. Mom was even happy and appreciative, at least with some of these stuff. It feels like I'm getting more mature with my priorities. :) One proud girl I am.

[And as a girl, I gotta have my Celine bag too just the same. Soon.] =) 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red Scarf Saved the Day

Since time was not to my advantage this morning, having had a family reunion last night, which packed up at close to midnight, and had to stay up longer after the party to do some cleaning, I slipped into the first work outfit that I saw in my closet. Like throwing caution into the air I zipped off in this navy blue dress from Mango and my savior for the day - a red scarf.

Just grateful that the simplicity of this navy blue dress easily popped with the red scarf. The scarf that has been sitting in my closet for the longest time. I don't even remember how I got this. Whether I bought it, or gifted to me or one of those I raided from mom's closet, err... really can't . Anyhow, I had to tap it today to brighten my outfit and it saved the day for me.

yes i know, the lack of sleep look isn't exactly a sight to behold :)

The red scarf covered the low cut v-neckline of this shirt dress. It kept me warm and less seductive :) I particularly love dresses with pockets and good thing this one has twin slash pockets on the sides.

Zara shoes; Tory Burch bag; Ice watch
There you go! Here's looking forward to a longer sleep tonight. Till next...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wear It Red For the Love Month

Heralding the love month of February - a red blazer.

How time flies? Just like that and we're on the second month of the year. Aren't you excited about this month? Well, I am. But before you jump into conclusion, let me tell you, this month is not just about love, dating and getting in a relationship.

I'm talking about bringing in red in the workplace which encourages creativity, productivity and positive morale. Aside from that, it can also stimulate collaboration, creativity and cooperation :-)

So, whether you're in love or just plain inspired, a touch of red in your outfit can be a very good business decision.

blazer and skirt from Folio; inner top from The Ramp; shoes from Zara; sunnies from hugo Boss

So dare to wear RED and spread the love now :-)