Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanks for Jeans

Seldom do I wear jeans. If you catch me wearing a pair, that would mean I have a scratch on my leg or maybe a bruise. If you raid my closet, you'll find more pairs of shorts than anything else. I love shorts. They can be as chic as pants and a lot more comfortable. They make me move and work better. If only they could pass as office outfit LOL! I'll be the most productive :-)

Anyway, thanks for jeans for they cover the nick on my lower right leg here.

shirt, jeans and bag by Mango; shoes and accessories by Call It Spring   

Thank you jeans, you saved the day! LOL

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Luis' Bestfriend is a Priest

These pictures of my baby and his best buddy- Father Ambo were taken 3 months ago. Fr. Ambo is a long time family friend. He visits us once in awhile and sees to it that everytime he does, he spends time with Luis. Notice Luis' smile on the following pics, you could tell how happy he is seeing his best friend Fr. Ambo.

Friday, September 13, 2013

gold and silver

I seldom go out and party now. Don't get me wrong though. I love to get myself glammed up once in awhile and get out there! I dont mind the loud music too, nor scared to load up on alcohol once in awhile (bec tea is what i get usually) LOL! Neither do I fear the complex effect of secondhand smoking (bec I spell SMOKERS BACK-OFF! when i'm out) LOL! Just that I feel that i'm way pass the partying age. For me it bacame pathetic already (hashtag oldmaid). LOL!

Anyways, enough dwelling on the topic of age. In reality, this is the topic I fear most. LOL! Here's a post I kinda 'just created' but never really happened (if you know what I mean). I suggest going for a combination of gold and silver outfit when you party. If you feel it's too much, dress it down with a black pair of shorts like this one. This way you don't need to peel off anything for a big reveal on the dance floor. Take it away! LOL!

Gold sequined top and black pair of shorts with gold details by Zara; shoes by BCBG; silver accessories by Forever21

Let me try this one more time.... :-)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Out of the cage!

Having said that I will surround myself with more animal print goodness this year, here goes, another animal inspired item - a leopard print cardigan. Look how it made my simple outfit more interesting in an instant.
Animal prints are mostly on neutral colors (but you could find those neon versions of the trend as well). If you want to get noticed, without being too flashy, animal print in neutral tone might be just the thing for you. 
        cardigan - Zara; skirt - Forever 21; yellow top - bazaar find; shoes - Primadonna; bangle and ring - SM accessories;  Casio vintage - Watch Factory Online
So, that's it! I'm leaving you with a growling sound now :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Called Stradivarius

I have just recently discovered a new fashion haven in the name of Stradivarius. The brand is an international women clothing fashion brand from Spain and is present in 53 countries with 794 stores all over the world. Stradivarius takes a youthful approach (much needed, haha) to fashion with an original and dynamic twist on the latest trends in design, fabrics and accessories. It sells international trendwear featuring cutting-edge design. If you are one who craves for an informal, funky look, Stradivarius is the place for you. Luckily for us girls, Stradivarius is now here in Manila at Shangrila East Wing. My first visit got me to bring home loads of the brand new fashion of the season and a lot more.  Visit for more details. 
denim jacket from Stradivarius
shoes from Primadonna
maxi skirt from Stradivarius
inner top from Zara

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wear Red and Stand High

There are occasions calling for an all black work outfit ensemble. But just the same, there are times a touch of red is the call for the day... 

Wearing red is a fantastic way to visually celebrate love and life. So if you're in love with life, then go for red. For me, that goes for the 12 months of the year.

A single touch of red in an all black ensemble is enough to give you the self-confidence that you need. Too much of it though will put you on the spot and at the center of attention. Now that is either good or bad. So take your pick.

Here's a personal secret: I go for red when I want to look and appear intimidating. =)

blazer, ring and shoes from Forever 21; skirt from Promod; necklace from H&M Dubai; black tights from Marks & Spencer; necklace made into bracelet gifted 

Wear red, stand high and feel confident. After all, you are the woman in red. So smile! =)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just Between Black and White

I'm not sure if I've said this before but nonetheless, let me just say it again, I have always been in love with blacks and whites put together in an ensemble. It's classic and classy at the same time. And you know me, I wouldn't wear it with any other but a pair of pointed red shoes to put some contrast into it. I found this beauty on sale at The heels aren't too high that's why they're very comfortable.

top and trousers from Details; shoes by

Now, that's classic, classy, and elegant without even trying! :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Keept It Clean Fashion

I love white and pastel colors. Some people say that it's hard to keep them clean and crisp all the time, but not me! Although I don't wash my clothes and iron them myself. Maybe i'm just lucky we have a super laundry woman who does that for me. She handles my clothes pretty well I could say. She's been with us for years and I do hope she stays forever =). Anyway, before this post becomes all about my super laundry woman (lol), let me share with you one of my weekend outfit. 

shirt, belt, shoes & bangle from Forever21; shorts from Promod; bag from Mango, watch from Call It Spring; pearl neclace from my mom

Simplicity is key in this minimally styled outfit. See how you could level up your get-up by just keeping it clean and crisp? Hope you like it! =) Till next... 

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