Saturday, March 1, 2014

Slouchy Saturday

It's a Saturday wth! *lol* I decided i will stay out of my alley for a day and go for one slouchy street style look. A harem with drawstring waist and banded bottoms is it! And what's the most radical top to pair this pair of pants with? the coolest teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt! *lol

Is it just me? or have you noticed slouchy pants suddenly becoming chic even outside of the gym? How they offer such quirky alternative to the skinny pants (which is seemingly everywhere) hands down. They make you feel relax and breathe more (LOL) without looking well, slouchy at all! (with proper styling that is)
Another good thing about this pair of pants is that they have such cool and androgynous vibe which makes you want to wear them anytime. Imagine how you can easily dress them up or down! Ballet flats and a girly top on a Sunday mass, Chucks and a statement shirt in going to the gym, or a pair of heels with a sequined top on a Friday night. Possibilities are endless!
Get out of your comfort zone and try this ultimate weekend wardrobe. You'll be surprised at how this slouchy pants can make you stand tall.