Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eye of the Tiger

I’m stocking up on lite tshirts lately because they are not only cool for summer, they are also super comfortable. This tiger shirt I wore on our recent trip to Club Balai Isabel was my latest buy. I like the print of the face of the tiger here because it's fierce and tame at the same time.

shirt & accessories-Forever 21; denim shorts (old pair)-Zara; hat-Kultura Filipino; Brash wedge sneakers; Ice watch
Do you see some irony with the shirt i'm wearing and the Taal landscape in full serenity as the background? Well, I do. Oh come on.. :) Enjoy your summer now!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Club Balai Isabel

A green haven where you can relax, connect and be surrounded by lush vegetation and clean air - the place of choice  - Club Balai Isabel 
Right on the shores of the world-famous Taal Lake and across from its volcano is a place where you can relax, connect and be with nature.
A mere fifteen minutes from the Tagaytay ridge, it offers an up-close and personal view of the lake and its world-famous volcano.
Those craving a sedate and secluded reprieve may find it under the trees and the spacious grounds where one can find a quite space to call their own.
Those who would like to have an exciting adventure can take part in their water sports activities such as wakeboarding and kayaking or trek to the volcano. Families can enjoy the swimming facilities and rent a house for themselves.
Nothing brings more happiness and fun than spending a weekend in sea, sand and sun with my loved ones.
Food at Terraza Cafe.
Club Balai Isabel offers an option for an active lifestyle with all the comforts of city living.
The picturesque setting makes it a popular wedding and pre-nuptial photoshoot destination. Here shown are dancers featured during an engagement party that night. 
(all courtesy of Club Balai Isabel website) Thank you!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Grant Says 'Thank you for the holidays'

I love holidays. If Grant could talk, he would say the same thing. It's during holidays when we could actually do things we long to do and enjoy doing but just couldn't during regular work days because we have more than a handful already.  Since today is a holiday, I decided to spend my morning walking (and running) our lhasa apso. I got the work-out I needed too. 

Since we can't beat the heat of summer, a few ways could actually help us stay cool (even a bit). Your pair of shades is a life-saver, so don't leave home without it. Migrate to light colors and loose fitting clothing since they have their heat reflective qualities. Putting your hair up in a regular bun also helps negate the hot days of summer season. Apart from it being classy, easy, and looks clean. 

What about you? How did you spend your day?

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Tiger is On Me

Tapping again my animalistic side with this fun and stylish pair of shorts from Forever 21. Anything in animal print is a perfect addition to any wardrobe since they easily add some sizzle and glamor to any look.

In your animal print outfit assembly, use neutral shades with it to tame everything in your outfit and show off the print. Here I have incorporated a few dapper details to add touches of my personality and style.  Though the overall message is to keep the outfit simple as the shorts make an impression by themselves.

If you want to turn heads and if you're a serious fashionista, then try an animal print coat or skirt.  For those who have a more understated fashion style and are still not sure how to incorporate animal prints into their wardrobe try an animal print scarf, either way you can't go wrong.

So there you go! Try the look and find that you can get away with wearing a pair. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Luis Starts to Write - "Around The Country"

Here's Luis' 2nd (unedited) blog post.

                                                           Around The Country

A few years ago, I went around the country.
I saw the beautiful wonders of the Philippines.
I also went scuba diving in the ocean, like I was even in a real adventure.
I also spent the night in a luxurious and elegant 5-star hotel.
After that, I continued with my adventure.
I saw many animals in the wild.
I also took a close look at many beautiful and colorful plants.
Then, I rode my bicycle, seeing many people working outdoors such as farmers.
After that, I reached home exhausted, and dozed-off.
I really had a fun adventure.  

Reality check:

We haven't had the chance to actually tour the country and indulge in its beauty. The farthest Luis has traveled to locally was in Baguio, if I'm not mistaken. Actual scuba diving? Nah. But certainly he has watched a few episodes on scuba diving at Nat Geo. Matter of fact, Luis' closest encounter with deep waters was during his swimming lessons when he had to dive (or be thrown) 6 feet deep. And another when he rode on a jet ski with his Tito, and even got lost in their way back. Spending time in 5-star hotels, the only statement I consider not needing reality check :) Seeing animals in the wild - yes maybe, caged in various zoos we have visited here and abroad. The effort to see beautiful and colorful plants was exerted because it's a school requirement particularly in Science class during their lecture on habitats of living things. When Luis was 4, he was gifted by a bicycle but never actually learned to ride it with confidence. 

For me, writing is all about spontaneity in exploring something foreign and unknown, thats when you really get a feel of the writer's potential. I think one is most effective when he actually gives himself no limitations. And personally, that's what makes me more proud of my son Luis. I could only imagine how his mind was pacing at a hundred frames a second while his imagination wanders endlessly when he was writing this. He really took time to escape and explore, if only in his thoughts.

His 3rd entry coming up soon....