Tuesday, May 1, 2012

His 1st 7 Years

It's not all serious business nor study, study, and study for my 7 year-old kid. He also do work and play. And he definitely knows how to have a good time and be paid for it. Let me brag about the most awesome highlight of my son's first 7 years.

For some leap of faith, Luis became a product model for Dermaline (skincare for kids) and a Dermablend kid at 5. [Probably owing to his fair, smooth and flawless skin like mom's - allow me :-)] He started earning on his own at a very young age, with DOLE clearance of course. [It sure pays to have a DOLE Usec for a lolo :)]. This huge opportunity gave him invaluable experiences; photoshoots, dance lessons, modelling stints, mall shows, and of course, the Edsa billboard! This display of advertisement, together with the other Dermablend kids, alongside highways was seen particularly in Aurora Boulevard corner Cubao. It was proudly in place for 4 long months.

I could just imagine thousands of commuters each day, looking up at and to him, literally and figuratively, makes me so happy and proud. Recognizing that it's not a dime a dozen to have one's own billboard in Edsa. It's such a big deal it gave me a proud mommy moment beyond words. [Like a fulfillment of my biggest childhood dream, to have a billboard of my own. But eventually, out of frustration, I just needed to snap out of it. :-)] No less than a few dozen have acknowledged my son's achievement at a young age. It's definitely a rite of passage marking the brightest shining moment of his first 7 years.

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