Friday, September 7, 2012

Luis turns 8!

Time flies so fast especially when you're having a blast! I can't believe Luis has turned 8 today! Oh yeah, oh yeah, like I don't hear the buzz. I am getting old but who cares?! All I know is that I get my second wind each time I stare at him. Those chubby cheeks - I just want to pinch it everytime. Those little tiny slit eyes - which do not need to open wider to understand things. His double chin - I call chinny chin chins. Those pinkish thin lips - where the sweetest sounds are heard from. Of course, the big tummy - it makes one fine pillow when I sleep, so soft and fluffy (can't you tell?) :)

To this young man who drives me and my life crazy...I love you so dearly baby. If today, you are celebrating your 8th birthday. I too am celebrating the best 8 years of my life. A hundred more years to you baby and a hundred more years for me to celebrate.

7 days to go till I spill the beans and finally get your birthday surprise! ;-)

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