Monday, April 1, 2013

Luis Starts to Write - "Around The Country"

Here's Luis' 2nd (unedited) blog post.

                                                           Around The Country

A few years ago, I went around the country.
I saw the beautiful wonders of the Philippines.
I also went scuba diving in the ocean, like I was even in a real adventure.
I also spent the night in a luxurious and elegant 5-star hotel.
After that, I continued with my adventure.
I saw many animals in the wild.
I also took a close look at many beautiful and colorful plants.
Then, I rode my bicycle, seeing many people working outdoors such as farmers.
After that, I reached home exhausted, and dozed-off.
I really had a fun adventure.  

Reality check:

We haven't had the chance to actually tour the country and indulge in its beauty. The farthest Luis has traveled to locally was in Baguio, if I'm not mistaken. Actual scuba diving? Nah. But certainly he has watched a few episodes on scuba diving at Nat Geo. Matter of fact, Luis' closest encounter with deep waters was during his swimming lessons when he had to dive (or be thrown) 6 feet deep. And another when he rode on a jet ski with his Tito, and even got lost in their way back. Spending time in 5-star hotels, the only statement I consider not needing reality check :) Seeing animals in the wild - yes maybe, caged in various zoos we have visited here and abroad. The effort to see beautiful and colorful plants was exerted because it's a school requirement particularly in Science class during their lecture on habitats of living things. When Luis was 4, he was gifted by a bicycle but never actually learned to ride it with confidence. 

For me, writing is all about spontaneity in exploring something foreign and unknown, thats when you really get a feel of the writer's potential. I think one is most effective when he actually gives himself no limitations. And personally, that's what makes me more proud of my son Luis. I could only imagine how his mind was pacing at a hundred frames a second while his imagination wanders endlessly when he was writing this. He really took time to escape and explore, if only in his thoughts.

His 3rd entry coming up soon....

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