Friday, January 10, 2014

It's a Denim Day!

It's a denim day for Luis and myself!

When it comes to being chic and trying (so hard lol!) to live fashionably, denim polo outfit must come as a staple. Not only that they never go out of style, but they always look fresh and new. Those lightweight denims are good during summer and the serious ones are perfect for winter! No confusion there :-)

Anyway, although this post here is a 'denim on denim' outfit, I won't dwell further on the topic since I already have discussed this on my previous post (pls check-out 'denim on denim'). This post today is actually about wearing coordinated outfit with my son. Although it sounds challenging (especially when you have a boy), it's also fun at the same time. And it makes me feel good every time I wear something which matches that of Luis. So cool! LOL! Well, allow me to enjoy the moment while it lasts. Sooner or later, Luis would come to me and tell me to stop embarrassing him anymore :-)

On Luis: Forever21 Men shirt, thrifted jeans, Dexter shoes; On me: Forever21 Men shirt, Levi's jeans, Christian Siriano heels, MK watch
Googled a few tips on how to coordinate your outfits which I would like to share with you. Here goes: 1) work with a not too colorful or patterned top 2) Pick the main color from the top 3) select something to layer or pair it with using your chosen color 4) chose some cool jeans or pants and a pair of shoes that go with the style of your outfit 5) try it with different accessories (for you; not for your son :) More tips: layering when your look is too plain, try bright colors once in awhile, spice up a neutral color with just a splash of color, black would go with everything and is an essential wardrobe staple and so are denim jeans :)

Make time and exert a little effort for that twosome gorgeous look! :)

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