Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just like a Kid in a Jumper

Let's elevate street fashion with this cutie jumper I scored from Zara. I was lucky I got the last piece in my size. It was actually the one the mannequin display had on. I didn't mind. A piece like this should not be passed on. This jumper looks so casual and ragged and yet, will make you look great with exactly zero effort!

After the onesies (or the outfit that makes you pee your pants.. haha) which our moms always let us wear back when we were infants and toddlers, I cant believe I got to wear something like it again. I felt like a kid when I wore this (all it takes is mindsetting guys.. haha). Some people call the jumpers infant bodysuits. For us adults, we call this relax-fitting casual jumpsuits. Whatever it's called, I surely think its worth another try.

Plains and Prints top; Adidas ballet flats

Gtg to score another one...

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