Friday, December 4, 2015

An Angel in Disguise

Transcending mere trend, camouflage prints have become non-exclusive menswear. In fact, most fashionistas consider them as wardrobe staple. It's actually its military masculine vibe which attracts women to wear them. Noticeably, it has become like a persistently recurring motif on high streets. Depending on how a camo clothing is worn, it's undeniable appeal will earn you a gesture of respect.

If you decide to challenge yourself into a more daring territory, get the classic green and brown so you could easily work into a wide range of looks. You may want to begin with a piece of camo scarf well styled around your neck with a plain tee and ripped jeans. Work your way into pieces like shirts, pants and even jackets for a bolder look. It helps to know that the camo's 'neutral' hue makes it easier to wear since it provides a wider picture of choices to pair with. Saving a few pieces wouldn't hurt.

F21 camo shirt; H&M low-rider shorts; F21 beanie; Adidas eyewear; Prada wedge
Now you're ready for the action! :)

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