Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miss Thai

One of our adventures in Southeast Asia.It was a sea, sand and sun 4-day adventure in one of the most affluent part of Thailand, where most of the best beaches and exciting tourist destinations could be found - Pattaya.
This Sea Sand Sun Resort where we stayed in is a luxurious resort and spa which transcends the ordinary. It is surrounded by the perfect spots, with 60-room boutique-style masterpieces. So elegant are the comfort settings of its own finest tropical Bali garden, complemented by 27 over-sized stand-alone private pool villas suite, garden suite w/ jacuzzi, all the works. But of course, the most impressive of all -the beach- its crowning glory.

Big Buddha and one of Thai's Museum's uniqe architecture.

Thailand's famous 'tuktuk'.

Floating Market. A lot of affordable stuff here.

The fame of Tiffany's Show was undeniable. It's the most recommended tourist destination of Thailand's most popular resort city.

The Nong Nooch Paradise, The Tropical Botanical Garden and the Butterfly Hill.

Thai history. Culture. Muay Thai.

The intelligent elephant show at The Elephant Village. We had fun riding on them. We needed to hold our breath though.

Possibly the greatest display of elephant and trainer cooperation in the world. Elephant painted shirts below.

Luis and I had an extra-ordinary and unique experiences and memories.... we both missed Thai!

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