Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yes, we do!

We love getting invited to weddings. Typically, this kind of event isn't likely to draw a lot of interest to most of us, particularly to the young. Let me just say, Luis' interest to it boils down to the sumptuous feast (anything fit to be eaten actually tickles his fancy), the dancing (as a form of release against my rather rigid constraints), and of course, it being a time away from study period at home. My interest is gripped from the moment i get my hands on those elegant, each uniquely well thought-off wedding invites. I just get too excited about it. This level of excitement shoots up - whether i get the invite 6 weeks from the date, or just 2 days to go, my mind is excessively preoccupied with it! The dress code, total grooming, hair style, the best shoes to wear, etc. In brief, I just want us to look stand-out perfect. Get a glimpse of our latest. And modesty aside, i say, YES! WE DID!

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