Sunday, August 26, 2012

Identical Trousers and Identical Smiles

I often find it in my sub conscious the call to wear matching clothes for me and my son. It's never easy, at all! Out there in the market, it's mostly for mothers and daughters set. How cruel isn't it? I tell you, it takes a whole lot of tapping your creative juice and a good deal of patience to find one outfit which would suit both of us. There were even times when after a whole day of looking, and searching 'the four corners of the earth', I went home empty-handed. If you got a son, this happening is not new!

There were lucky days though. Like these matching trousers which I got after just a couple of hours of searching and digging. I admit however, that this particular pair was not made 'for her'. But with dignified poise, grace and the sweetest :-) i could tell it worked!

Trousers from SM; On me-top from ZARA Dubai, shoes from Unlisted; On him-top from Guess, shoes from W. Brown

Still, i'll keep on digging for finds....

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