Saturday, October 27, 2012

Luis is Uncle Sam

One of the most awaited activities in school - the celebration of the United Nations Day every 24th of October. This event has been marked as a festive day on campus when kids gamely wear traditional costumes of any of the 81 countries that are members of the UN. These colorful costumes reflect the cultural diversities of these nations. It's a feast to see the kids parading around toting their best.

As usual, the pressure button is on! Like every mom, I wanted my kid to be unique in what he's going to wear. Saw myself in malls looking for something different but i was not fortunate to find what I was looking for. I've utilized my other resources - asked friends around (failed), tapped my creativity by trying to create my own (failed), and searched google for hours, and hours. Until finally, my hardwork paid off and I found this unique costume online.

And so this year, Luis came in school as the iconic Uncle Sam of the U.S. Teachers and classmates (Yes, they want him in the army! =) wanted to have their pics taken with him.

Here's why...

Thanks to sonialeecostumecentral for the outfit which won Luis 3rd place in best in costume. =)

And the pressure button is off...but not for long :)

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