Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who Says Rockstars are Dead?

I admit, before and up to now, rock stars command a great degree of attraction and influence in my personal life. I have always been in search for one with that great popular appeal that is of a rock star. Nah!!!

Well, if only the term rock star or rockstar means someone with wealth, fame and fortune, oh then, yeah! Why not baby!? =)

And so when we got an invite for one rockstar-themed party for mother and son, I didn't hesitate to go. Quickly, I've searched my wardrobe for some worthy items for myself and my 8 year old, with an all black and gray (or grey) in mind. We've accessorized our get-up a little bit here and there. Tried to alter our hairstyles too but only as far as skipping to brush it. And believe me, a little pulling of my hair by him helped too, although it hurt a bit, but who cares! We have to get the look. =)

And after trying very hard to project the 'epitome of cool,' (not so much to possess the devil-may-care image), sans the converse, off we went!

Admit it or not, almost all of us want to achieve that rock star status sometime in the course of our lives. Ours just happened!

And I have even fished the cutest rock star of the night and took him home =)

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