Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Luis Starts to Write - "What If"

Let me take a break from my outfit post for today and help me welcome a guest post courtesy of my 8 year old son Luis.

School day is over and so marks the start of summer vacation. Yay! I'm sure parents are equally excited as their kids are since this means a break from long hours of study time, early morning wake-up calls, tons of home works, science projects, pressure during exams wk... and the list goes on...

Fortunately, (or unfortunately for my kid), I'm the kind of mom who wouldn't let summer vacation pass by unproductive. As early as now, I have already prepared a list of Luis' to do things for summer. Don't get me wrong though, I do not rule with an iron fist. It bends at times. :) 

One item in the list - writing narratives, both in English and Filipino. While there's so many parents who would need to push and even force their kids to start writing, mine is a different story. To my surprise, the lesson of the last quarter on writing narratives got Luis' attention. His excitement when he writes cannot be contained. He would share with excitement his every single piece which he makes in school, at home, and even in the car. His creative juices pouring as he writes with all his might, diversified/random topics I wouldn't expect a kid his age would come up with. 

Since writing is a continuous process of learning and improving, I made it a point to only look, read and appreciate his articles, not correct nor edit anything. I want him to feel that writing is enjoyable and fun. As long as there's a plot going on (or even none at all), or a story that comes full circle (or maybe not), then I can ignore some of the grammatical errors, the gory details (oh yeah), and just appreciate the skill. I let him be as creative as he wants. I do not dictate. Everything is his own themes, titles & topics. The sky is the limit when it comes to writing, I would say. I am impressed at how he delves deeper into his passion and interests. I see his personality shining through.

Let me share with you his first (unedited) narrative which he wrote the first night of his summer vacation.

                           What If
        Sometimes, I take a close look at stars at night. They shine so bright. But what if I was one of the stars? I might be miserable being still and shining so bright all night. But maybe not, because I could still enjoy the view and the many planets in space. And many people could also see me shining so bright at night. I could also take a close look at Mother Earth. What a gift! But if you don't like it,  accept the challenge. Just as my mom said, it's a cruel world. That's the end of my story.

Cute isn't it?  =)

As one proud mom, I want this site to be the medium where I could share Luis' narratives - like a guest post on my blog or something... and then eventually a regular contributor.  This will give him the opportunity to have a larger audience and a medium for self expression. And maybe through the comments left by others, he'll be more encouraged to write. 

Till his next.... 

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