Friday, March 1, 2013

Green Suede Blazer

Wait... before you raise your brows and get anxious because I am wearing a blazer in suede when it's obviously sunny out here, let me just say or remind my beloved readers (I got 2 regulars the last time I counted, haha) that I'm a banker, which means that my time is mostly spent inside a well ventilated room. So there! Don't fret if you see me in coats, blazers, layers, and the like for I am very well excused! =)

And naturally as a banker, I need to market clients and close sales. I can't do that when I'm glued 8 hours on my desk. I need to go out there and fish clients. So here, I was out doing client calls (squeezing in outfit shoots on the side..LOL).

Pardon that my eyes were squinting here. It's noontime and I didn't have my sunnies. Can you tell that this shoot was unplanned?

There I go again with my slouchy stand. Hate it!

Blazer from Mango; Polo from Zara Dubai; Skirt, belt and ring from Forever 21; shoes from Pill; Watch Factory Online

If I'm going to sell this outfit, would you buy it? Would I close a sale? =)

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