Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Yellow!

I know rainy season has began and so, a summer dress is not at all fitting. Before you judge though, let me just say that since school has started 8 days ago and as a hands on mom, I have been as busy as a bee. Now that is one valid excuse to have a late post such as this one.

Yellow is such a cool color. In a sea of brights and pastels, wearing something of this hue will surely make you stand out! A cute dress with an interesting touch of fierceness (what with a lion head roaring on you) details like this is perfect proof that summer (or rainy day) dressing can still look sharp. Matched with sunnies when its hot, or a windcheater when its cool, plus a complementing bright accessories to perk up your outfit, you’ll look uncoventionally chic in no time!

Considered as summer time dressing necessity, this yellow sheer chiffon dress is the comfiest. It surely could beat the heat of summer’s noon-day sun. (late post, you could tell)

I cap off my look with this cutie light blue suede open toe sandals and bright colored rings which complemented my summer dress ensemble. The color of my dress popped the more and I love that it's screaming summer! =)

Anyhow, if its of a help, this summer dress could be worn with a waist length denim jacket or with a quilted cardigan and voila! you have a stylish rainy day get-up! =)

Mags dress; Forever 21 sandals; Call It Spring watch; SM accessories ring, arm bands and sunnies

Enjoy summer (and the rainy season) & be stylish even under the heat of the sun (or even when raindrops keep falling on your head)! =)

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