Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hulk Beats the Sun

If there is a summer shirt trend, it's the muscle tee. It's loose and baggy and perfectly exudes that “I don’t give a damn” cool vibe, just like my incredible hulk shirt which I wore during a family weekend get-away at Fontana Resort & Casino. 

I love this shirt not because I want to explode and rip my shirt off like The Hulk. But I just feel a positive dynamic sentiment that girls rule the world, and that we are more incredible than men! Haha... I'm confident that I don't have male readers so ...  =)

Apart from the shirt design being fun and young, personally during this shoot, I feel fierce and fearsome with a strength of Incredible Hulk!  =)

Forever 21 shirt, shorts & belt; A'postrophe flats; Balenciaga bag; Ice watch; SM accessories ring and bangles; Chemistry necklace

Save the day (and save the world) with a superhero muscle tee. =)

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