Sunday, April 19, 2015

Luis Starts To Write - "You Are Always Lucky"

Luis' 5th (unedited) blog post.

"You Are Always Lucky"

Have you been having bad luck lately?
Don't worry! Even if you have been having bad luck lately, every second of your life is good luck.
Why? It's because you were born at the day of evolution.
Unlike before, all you can see are plants, trees, and other stuff that were old.
At that time, survival was a challenge.
But now, it's a big difference.
You could already see the elegance of the world.
Survival isn't challenging anymore.
But the bad news about evolution is that there is less nature.
But if you were still born at the day of non-evolution, you're still lucky because you were born.
You could take a closer look at nature. I'm still sure that it will still be a wonderful place to live in.
So, if you have bad luck, your good luck beats your bad luck, anytime, anywhere.
That's the end of my story.

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