Sunday, October 4, 2015

In the Military

When you feel like having an edgy look, then I advise you to try the military fashion trend. All you need is a military-style jacket, camouflage cap and an ankle-length boots, and you're ready to defend your island. Oh yes! It's not at all complex. No need to go full force in head-to-toe camo, unless you want people saluting a military superior in your person. You may report for duty in a minimalistic approach to military. Opt for either an army green, neutral color palette or the composite brown.

I love the soft fabric material of my military inspired coat. This one makes me move freely and therefore, doesn't create restraints at all unlike most military jackets, which are mostly fitted and structured. Its color too perfectly matches my wedged boots. Since I'm wearing shorts exposing my legs, wedges tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, more slender legs.

Never overdo. Never overthink. Just take it easy when you decide to go for the military look, so it wont signal that you’re supporting a conflict or opposition...haha. The consumption of these styles should have more to do with your desire to level up your style or follow the trend than a wish to express patriotism. A power look is the only message you should be sending when you wear your personal take on the military uniform.

H&M coat; Prada boots

A little intimidation wouldn't hurt... so, stand up, own it, inspire and run the world!

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