Sunday, August 16, 2015

On Neutral Ground

I blended in well with the backdrop didn't I? Or probably would blend well wherever I go. Yup, it's an earth-tone kind of a day today as I woke up seemingly flying under the radar and didn't feel like I wanted to be on the limelight today (yeah, if). If you're with me then this is the perfect time to wear clothing in quiet shades like brown, green, champagnes, tans and other muted colors. I like that these shades also complement our asian skin tone.

Since we have, I guess, the most unpredictable weather, leaving the house ready with both the sun and the rain is the smartest thing. This hooded jacket in light material, soft lining, with just the right length will keep me warm and surely protect me from the rain. And nothing is more appropriate to wear when the sun is up than a pair of shorts and a cool shades.     

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