Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Office Table

Got nothing to do, or got too bored doing a lot at the same time. I maybe a dedicated mom to my 7 year old (soon to be 8 next month), but I also take it seriously when it comes to work (at least, it has been said). I am just echoing how it sounds! Or am I hearing my staff clearly? :D Well, as I always say, this is my site, and therefore it comes with the territory. I could claim being a workaholic, being the sexiest in the world, the most gorgeous, etc., etc., without fear that somebody might have a differing opinion. I say to whoever, get your own site. Haha.

Anyway, frankly speaking, the thought that I am a workaholic is an indigestible proposition! I personally need a little push to even make myself agree with myself. And so, one click of my dslr, and i got it! Yes, maybe, I am a workaholic. You judge.
(taken on a lean day, at noontime. backtable not included, which has its own pile of paper clutter-more confusing and in a worst disorderly state)

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