Friday, August 3, 2012

Spoiling Kids with Everything

Luis has been to quite a few places during his first seven years. I took him to his first out of the country adventure when he was 4. It was Hong Kong Disneyland at first. After which, a few more adventures followed like Singapore's Universal Studios, Pattaya's premier beach resort and spa, Disneyland Paris, etc. He was also quite been exposed to plays and cultural shows, international and otherwise, whenever my time permits and budget considered. We've watched Kaos, Cirque du Soleil's Varekai, Tiffany, The Sound of Music, Masters of Illusion Live, etc. I am happy and out in full force especially when I see him lit up whenever i spoil him like this. I admit, I'm getting all choke up watching his mesmerized expression.

But at times, there are also moments of stark reality whenever he asks if he could have one of those items in Toon Studio, or an oversized Buzz, or those insanely overpriced boxes of cars.

Although not easy, the answer was usually a no. And while my son doesn't complain, I would catch his casting sidelong glances at those toys. I could tell when my son wants one so badly. He will keep quiet. As a mom, I feel a twinge of pain for my son, but I know it is the right thing. It is just not practical to fork over 60euros for a piece of toy.

Come to think of it, even if I am made of money (wow! eagerly waiting for the time), that’s not how I want to raise my son. I don’t want him to expect to be showered with treats and presents every time. I do know that the more children get, the less anything means to them. And the more stuff they get, the more they believe they deserve things just for being alive.

In the end, stuff is just stuff. (Then why does he have all these gadgets now?! :D) It’s not love. It can’t make up for time together. And honestly, it’s never enough. I’d much rather my son go without some stuff than begin a lifetime of entitlement. I would rather teach him to be practical, and spend on something that will matter for a long time, if not forever. How do I say no in a way that makes my kid still feel loved? Explain the reality.

Parents must not give in to demands from children (guilty at times!). The teaching of discipline and self-control must be the order of the day. Unfortunately, many children believe that life is meant to be an endless stream of pleasures, with the only role of a parent being a provider of entertainment. They feel that way because they have been overindulged and coddled. I call on all parents, let us teach our children that life is hard, and it requires great discipline to be successful.

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