Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Feather in His Cap

A bit late of a post, but as they say, better late than never. And moms should always be excused when they're not on time - right?!

I love creating posts about my son (do I really need to write the obvious here?). I'd like to think that his achievements are also mine (got to own it baby :-)). And his experiences and daily hurdles serve as learnings which make me improve as a mom. And so I write about these kinds of posts so I could go over them as often. They serve as a reminder that I am doing something right.

Today's post happened in September 26, 2012 (not too long time ago), the Paligsahan sa Pagbasa at Pagbigkas. My son was chosen among the 40 students from his section to represent his class at the Pagbasa. He was pitted against the other 12 grade 2 level class reps.

Although Luis is not a newbie to this kind of exposure, having joined several school activities, contests and recitals in the past, i still couldn't help but feel the anxiety level shooting up each time he goes up the stage and performs. I figured, I will always be the neophyte when it comes to this. I could almost here Luis' echoes, "Mom relax!" Oh these words cause more agitation than one could ever handle.

Just imagine my stress when during the draw lots on who's going to go first, he got the 13th number and therefore, the last one to perform! I was literally not moving on my seat the entire 12 performances! Well, not that I was able to come to my senses when it was his turn on stage, rather, I got stiffer.

Here are the pics (of my brain dead moment), when Luis added another feather in his cap. And a proof too that 13 is really such a lucky number!

There he goes....

A closer look... ( I got a nice seat at the balcony I was able to capture on pic the entire stage, including the big crowd.)

The announcement of the winners... (and i was still lifeless up to this point)

And Luis' name was called! Hooray for Luis!!! (by this time, I have no choice but to move and get my butt up on stage. My senses are trailing behind me.)

There I was, back to life, a bit red-eyed trying to fight the tears of joy, and the oh so strong urge to squeeze this little cutie who has again, made me proud. He's actually making going up the stage for me a regular thing and i'm loving it :-)

Luis with the other 2 winners. I was behind with the other crying moms.

And the celebration came right after...

Till my next (dead moment) stage perfomance :-)

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