Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion represents an extremely important milestone in one's spiritual life. A very important occasion for Catholic families which signifies a rite of passage into the body of the church. It is also a public declaration of ones Catholic faith.

It's such a wonderful opportunity to be able to share this special event with my son. Having reached the appropriate age and spiritual maturity to accept the Holy Sacrament, Luis' first reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist happened on November 25, 2012 at the Church of the GESU Ateneo de Manila University.

Luis has been waiting for this day to happen for the longest time. Every Sunday mass, he would ask me how it's like receiving the Body of Christ. He's been wanting to join in the communion queue with us.

Preparation involved memorizing the songs and responses in the mass guide folder given to them, daily practices in school and at home, and most importantly, the guidance and prayers from parents. I remember Luis' curiosity (and innocence) when he says (with eyes closed), "Mom, i'm prepared to receive Papa Jesus now. I hope He is as yummy as my favorite pepperoni pizza." And so, naturally more spiritual discussions came right after.

A few days before the day, he had his confession. He made a list of his supposed wrongdoings and even memorized them because according to him, Papa Jesus might think he's not being honest with Him. He would say (pardon me for breaking the seal of confidentiality here baby), "I'm sorry I cant help but overeat at times, especially when it's my favorite pizza. Mom told me that it's a sin to overeat. I just dont remember what this sin is called but i'm sure you know the word. I'm sorry for playing my gadgets too long. Mom said it's not good for the eyes, and my eyes came from You. I'm sorry for wishing that you would taste like pizza. I know now that You are more than that."

Finally, the day has come. Luis dressed in crisp white polo barong, black pants, black socks, and his new pair of shoes particularly bought for the occassion. I was in black and white dress to match his dapper look.

Shortly before the ceremony started, I whispered a short prayer to him, "May your relationship with Papa Jesus grow stronger and guide you through out your life. Love Him more."

Now he happily joins the family on queue for the Holy Eucharist and he always looks forward receiving Him. Congratulations baby!

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