Sunday, December 23, 2012

Green On Me

Yes, you've seen this ensemble in my previous post because this is exactly what I wore during Luis' recital. You will most likely see more of the green blazer in the coming posts, and the next. The green blazer has become a wardrobe staple like I can't leave home without. An item that I absolutely need ready and waiting in my closet if I want to influence how my day would be like. It has somehow made up the basis of my wardrobe recently. It has in fact seen my workplace, the mall, coffee shop, and has been a Sunday outfit too.

Green is the color most commonly associated with nature and the preservation of the environment... I'm all for that. I've gone green (in my previous post), and my liking for it is here to stay.

Of course, a shiny shimmery flats made the look more polished.

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