Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Harem in Deep Sapphire

My 'trying hard' take on something high-waisted with Keaka pants, or this season's harem pants as some may call it. With front pleats, banded waist and good lord pockets! I always loved something with pockets. 

Pretty color blocking here too. Yes, yellow always complements the color blue.  If you find it difficult to decide which color goes with which, then pair complementary colors together. Yellow and blue put together is one of the safest and most basic color combination there is.

If you're a bit hesitant to wear bright colors, keep your shoes either on the neutral, or in the same color as your trousers like this one.

It wasn't easy to find a top which will complement my keaka pants and my waist, and my tummy =) until I got this leopard print top. I liked that it added contrast to the whole look. It somehow became the focus of the outfit too. 

Blazer and trousers from Folio; Leopard top from Zara; shoes from Primadonna


So there! Let the high-waisted trousers find their way into your closet too. And it wouldn't hurt to brave and embrace the look.  At least now you know that even if you're not a model or looking like a model, you could also pull it off pretty well. I hope I did. :(

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