Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red Scarf Saved the Day

Since time was not to my advantage this morning, having had a family reunion last night, which packed up at close to midnight, and had to stay up longer after the party to do some cleaning, I slipped into the first work outfit that I saw in my closet. Like throwing caution into the air I zipped off in this navy blue dress from Mango and my savior for the day - a red scarf.

Just grateful that the simplicity of this navy blue dress easily popped with the red scarf. The scarf that has been sitting in my closet for the longest time. I don't even remember how I got this. Whether I bought it, or gifted to me or one of those I raided from mom's closet, err... really can't . Anyhow, I had to tap it today to brighten my outfit and it saved the day for me.

yes i know, the lack of sleep look isn't exactly a sight to behold :)

The red scarf covered the low cut v-neckline of this shirt dress. It kept me warm and less seductive :) I particularly love dresses with pockets and good thing this one has twin slash pockets on the sides.

Zara shoes; Tory Burch bag; Ice watch
There you go! Here's looking forward to a longer sleep tonight. Till next...

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