Monday, February 11, 2013

Green Shoes

I have already rounded up "Gone Green" in my November post, and "Green On Me" in my December post. And now for this month, "Green Shoes." Yes, I can't deny my love for green. I love green in whatever shade or hue. I was actually surprised to have come across an article about the color green being the new black this 2013. So now I know, I'm on the right track. I have a gallery of wardrobe pieces and accessories inspired by this year's "it" hue. And my latest, green shoes!

Subtle details in this lush tone will give life to any outfit like the neutral colors of this reversible top and cropped pants from Folio. You can just pile on a bright green necklace for that chic look. Cuff, bangles, belts, or even sunglasses would be a good go-to as well. I'm thinking of a green nail lacquer soon! What do you say?

I know green isn't exactly the easiest shade to wear but if you pull it off alright, the look doesn't fall short of being fab. If you are a bit hesitant to wear green, I suggest you start off with accessories. 

Cropped pants take style to great heights with casual comfort that exudes sophistication. Isn't it nice how its length made my shoes stand out the more?

The moment I spotted this pair, I grabbed them right away! And do you know what reminded me of them? My childhood when I used to play dress up game with my barbie dolls :)

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