Saturday, July 11, 2015

In a Man's Shirt

I was at H&M Men's Section doing my regular shopping when a sales rep approached me and asked, "what's the shirt size of your boyfriend ma'am?" Bluntly I said, "Oh i'm buying for myself!" He took off after giving me a questionable look.  

I mean seriously!? Who wouldn't want to wear a man's button down shirt in white (or in any color for that matter)!? I feel sexy when I wear one (oh frankly, it needs a bit of a pushing) LOL. I own quite a number of menswear pieces and these shirts have all been a consistent go-to outfit. 

Whenever I go into a store, I usually pay a visit to the men's section. It is where I score something unique for myself. I usually get pieces in large sizes not only because they are most comfy and look very stylish, but also, oversized shirts give an effortless cool vibe. And what do you think is the other big plus factor when shopping in men's section? There is no worry that you will look identical to the other girls! LOL.

Know by now that fashion at times is uncertain. And one's style should be unpredictable once in awhile. That's what makes a total look a head turner. Now, who wouldn't want that? 

H&M Men's shirt; H&M culottes; Forever21 sandals; Dorothy Perkins sunnies

So, the next time you're buying for a boyfriend, or for your hubby, your son or for dad, buy something for yourself from the men's section and change up your look a little!

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