Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't Get Drowned in a Palazzo

Super wide-leg, loose and flowing... these are the Palazzo pants! Have they recently made a comeback? Well, if you have seen the likes of Ms. Liz Uy and Ms. Anne Curtis donning the Palazzo these days, then that's obviously the green light! A piece of advice however, do not wear something when the only reason for wearing it is that its popular and its trendy. Clothes should give you comfort and confidence first and foremost. 

Going back to Palazoo... Yes, they are back. Before you jump the gun and get so excited lol, take a bit of a halt and think, would a Palazzo disfavor my figure? Would I be drowned in a Palazzo? The answer to both is a resounding NO! Not only that Palazzo pants are extremely comfortable to wear, they are also very versatile. With the right styling, you will never go wrong it.

Today, I paired my Palazzo with a sleeveless top in the same shade to bring the focus of the entire outfit on the Palazzo. I made a knot in the front to cinch it and make my waist look smaller (oh yes, the works needed) lol. I added a hat for a cooler 'I just don't care' vibe.

H&M and Sunnies

Go and get a Palazzo! Till next...

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