Friday, July 17, 2015

Road Trip

When I asked my niece to give me an appropriate title for this post, she readily replied 'Biker Girl.' Errr.... where's the bike? I was brought here in a van for heaven's sake! LOL. Besides, I remember having had a post in the past about biker jackets (January 2015). So, whatever I know about these jackets, I bet you already know them, or probably you know more than I do. Oh heck (pardon my expression), biker jackets are no longer an exclusive menswear icon! Amen (pardon me again)!

I'm thinking... Road Trip! Road trip is it! Regardless of what the phrase invokes in addition to its literal meaning that is. Sans the bunch of kids with tons of drugs driving to an exotic destination, again, I was brought here in a van, and with a couple of kids (good kids), a couple of youngsters (one who brought with her in the trip her home work, the other, a headphone to indulge in his fave music that is dubstep), and 6 adults, including myself (all claiming to have developed some kind of an ideal level of maturity, haha), all aboard to visit farmland. Not Las Vegas or New Jersey. LOL.

So basically, road trip for this family is a long distance journey on the road with the ones who matter most! 

F21 biker jacket; Airwalk sneakers; Dorothy Perkins denim; Terranova shirt; cap bought from Dubai

What is your idea of a road trip?

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