Saturday, August 1, 2015

I'm a Laundry Girl

How do you rock your scarf? The title of this post emanated from the vibe this adorable boho scarf gives off. A scarf is usually worn on the head this way by one who has a handful of house work to be done. It gives a connotation that she is seriously busy with the task at hand and therefore, should not be bothered. LOL. A scarf worn this way also serves to keep the sweat out of one's face and eyes - fashion sanitation ladies! 

There are actually a lot of different ways to tie a scarf in your hair. Here, I tied the ends of my scarf securely into a bow and brought the bow out in front and on top of my head for an extra chic look. 

My love for denim shorts has never failed me especially when the task at hand requires an undisturbed legwork. My choice for a top was this long back soft cotton which added drama to an otherwise basic top. If you opt to wear short shorts, carefully consider the length of your top to pair it with. A long back tops are recommended since they also provide some degree of protection from creeping toms trying to catch a glimpse of our ladyzones.   

Scarf, top and heels from Forever21; denim shorts from H&M

Now I'm ready to accept your laundry! :-)

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